Why Do Some People Always Have Someone Local To Bang?

Why Do Some People Always Have Someone Local Girl To Bang

They created the right profile that projects a lot of self-confidence and then they just hit the proper dating site like https://banglocals.net really hard. They not only hit their local area, but they figured out some tricks to widen their local area distribution. This is why they’re going on date after date while you’re sitting at home watching reruns of the Cosby Show. If you don’t want that shit to happen to you, stop watching reruns of Friends, and get down to the business of figuring out the right volume approach.

Craft a Winning Profile

In addition to picking the right demographics or chicks to market to, you need to have something worth marketing. I know you’re probably scratching your head. What the fuck does marketing have to do with trying to bang locals? Well, the answer is simple. It has everything to do with is because dating really is all about salesmanship.

The first time somebody told me this, I was fucking laughing at his face. I said, yeah, right Tony, that’s bullshit. That has nothing to do with salesmanship. This is fucking getting pussy. What doesn’t getting pussy have to do with selling? Well, what I didn’t get, and which explains why I didn’t get any pussy during my high school years was it’s all about salesmanship. The product that you are selling is yourself, and this is where self-confidence comes in.

Have you ever noticed that there are these, like, thin guys with long hair, tattoos all over, looks like they’re fucking high on drugs getting all these chicks? Or, on the other extreme, fat guys with gold chains around their neck who have pockmarked faces getting tons of women at the local dance club? This is not an accident. These guys may act and look, and probably smell like a pile of garbage, but they get pussy.

What is their secret? Confidence. You have to craft a winning profile that projects confidence. That is the aphrodisiac that draws women from the woodwork. They like winners. They like guys who make it clear or project the image that they know what they’re doing and that they know what they want.

So if you send the right signals and you project confidence, chicks will flock to you. If you use the right volume approach, it’s not hard to get a free booty call. You just have to know what you’re doing. That’s what makes it hard because you have to go against your ego. You have to learn something new. You have to take a chance on a different path. That’s what makes it hard.